Public Transport ITS

Public Transport Public Transport ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) refers to the use of advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of public transportation systems. These systems integrate various information and communication technologies to improve the overall management and performance of public transport networks. Here are some key aspects of Public Transport ITS systems: […]


ANPR Electro Automation has worked in the security and car park industries for four decades and with that comes certain core competencies, one of those being an excellent knowledge of number plate recognition systems. Our ITS team works with the leading ANPR manufacturers to deliver quality solutions for our customers. Electro Automation has been involved […]

ERT Phones

ERT Phones Electro Automation have a number of high quality emergency roadside telephone suppliers that we deal with to create the perfect solution for each project we are involved in. These top-of-the-range products together with Electro Automation’s expertise in this field, provides an accessible and reliable service for all road users for reporting traffic accidents, […]