Background: Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, has embarked on a project to enhance the security infrastructure at their facilities in Galway and Athlone. The company aims to upgrade the existing access control system in Galway while implementing a new access control/CCTV system in Athlone. This initiative is driven by Medtronic’s commitment to ensuring […]

The Paper Exchange

This case study highlights the successful installation of turnstiles for a specialised project aiming to create efficient and accountable speed lanes. The project’s primary objectives included optimising staff deployment, ensuring wheelchair accessibility, and managing high volumes of access traffic. Key success factors, such as product design, collaboration with manufacturers, integration with third-party solutions, and local support from trained engineers, are detailed in this case study.

ASL Airlines

ASL Building in Swords, the main offices for ASL Group and ASL Airlines Ireland, plays a crucial role in managing operations and controlling flights. The need for a modern access control system became apparent as the existing on-premise system posed security risks due to its outdated infrastructure. To address this challenge, the decision was made […]