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A building’s entrance is always the first point of contact your customer will have with your business, a strong façade with a sleek entrance method can vastly improve the aesthetic value of any building.

As with all parts of a building you need to consider some key factors, security, cost implication and service but with your main entrance another key aspect needs to be considered, Design.


Creating an aesthetically pleasing, functional entrance plays a vital part in the overall look and feel of a building. Electro’s commitment to quality, precision and innovation makes the company’s products a first choice among architects, specifiers, and designers in the commercial building sector.

Why Revolving Doors?

Revolving doors are an ideal solution to airflow regulation at the entrance of a building. The relatively small quadrants of the revolving door minimise air loss reducing air conditioning costs, while increasing the control over pedestrian traffic control into your building.

Revolving doors also provide a solution to human traffic-flow and entrance security while maintaining personal comfort levels.

Revolving Door Design

Aesthetically, revolving door sets can be manufactured to suit virtually any space. While standard sizes and finishes are more cost effective, revolving doors can be custom built to meet a wide range of architectural styles and finishes. Stainless steel doors include fully welded joints, eliminating hairline joints on curved sidewalls and revolving doors can even include display showcases that can provide a rental income for building owners.


Introducing the Record Revolving Door System

Record, are world leading experts in door automation, specialising in the design of functional and efficient revolving doors that add to the aestehtics of a buildings design. Record, in conjunction with Electro can offer you everyhting you need to create the entrance to your building, not just an entrance. Click below to see more on the Record revolving door options.

 Record Automatic Doors




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Electro Automation were awarded the contract to supply, install and maintain entrance products



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