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Scada Systems

Electro Automation supply SCADA systems (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisitions) which can monitor and control multiple systems and processes simultaneously.

One system can be used over multiple sites and large distances.


Our SCADA systems provides supervisory control for nearly all of a premises’ engineering systems such as:

  • Power generation and control of mains outages
  • Heating and temperature control
  • Air regulation
  • Fire hazards
  • Security alerts

The Panorama software Suite (E², P², IT, TLM, SLP) meets all your SCADA and data production management requirements. Available for all industrial processes, Panorama can manage constraints and requirements ranging from small applications to full-fledged system architectures (FDA-ready, BACnet, Archives Player function, application level objects, etc). Panorama applications range from just 50 variables to 1,600,000 I/O operations.


Panorama E²

Panorama E² (Enterprise Edition), the next-generation real-time industrial Process Viewer, surpasses the competition. This multi-purpose solution is the ideal platform for building modern applications with an open design, reliability, and easy deployment. It retains all the advantages of its predecessor Panorama P²: simple installation and a rich feature set out-of-the-box.


Panorama IT

Panorama IT, with its integrated SQL server and Web service design, collects and aggregates data from one or more SCADA installations (Panorama or other). Its documented interface allows connexions to any data acquisition system. You can easily create custom reports, KPI, trends and dashboards thanks to the program's tree structure.


Panorama TLM

Panorama TLM (previously known as telemetry extension) is a stand alone communication front-end server particularly well-suited to sporadic transmissions and intermittent links. Acting as MTU (Master Terminal Unit), it supports a plethora of standard protocols, and manages a broad range of communications equipment and their heterogeneous media.


Panorama P²

Panorama P² (Professional Edition) is Codra's legacy product, a powerful application generator which is fully configurable using the mouse, and accessible to all. Panorama P² is particularly suitable for industrial command-control applications in FM/DCS, fire detection, and security.



John Lane (ITS Special Projects)

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National Traffic System

Electro was awarded the contract for a nationwide Traffic Monitoring System.



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