NEAT Rapid Swing Gates

NEAT Rapid Swing Gates The NEAT Rapid Swing is an efficient speed gate that utilises swing paddles (gates) as its control barrier. These glass paddles are locked in the closed position, but quickly swing open in the direction of travel to allow access or egress. Allowing the hidden installation of access control readers hidden within […]

Glass Swing Gates

Neat Rapid Pass Gates Offering an elegant glass and stainless steel automated barrier, the NEAT Rapid Pass Gates are simple and affordable. With openings of 500mm to 900mm, the Pass Gate allows the creation of wider access points to facilitate DDA, deliveries and special requirements. They can operate stand-alone or be included within a range […]

NEAT Rapid Tripod

The NEAT Rapid Tripod Turnstile NEAT Rapid Turnstiles are tripod style turnstiles which are tried, tested and fully proven.  An adaptive versatile and reliable product, the Rapid Tripod turnstile is probably the most popular and cost-effective turnstile solution. The rugged construction and design using high quality materials means that the tripod can operate in all […]