Glass Swing Gates

Neat Rapid Pass Gates

Offering an elegant glass and stainless steel automated barrier, the NEAT Rapid Pass Gates are simple and affordable.

With openings of 500mm to 900mm, the Pass Gate allows the creation of wider access points to facilitate DDA, deliveries and special requirements. They can operate stand-alone or be included within a range of turnstiles or as part of our glass and stainless-steel balustrading and barrier system.  Their simple contemporary design allows Glass Gates to be installed almost anywhere. They can be controlled remotely or from a reception desk, or with the addition of a reader/intercom post, can form part of a wider access control/intercom solution.

Pass Gates are the system of choice for shops, offices, hotels and leisure locations or can be added to any turnstile system when incorporated with DDA solutions.

Equipped with servo actuators, the Glass Gate can be operated by pushing a button or automatically, always returning to the closed position. A range of standard control options such as open/closed/hold open/hold closed are available.  Open/Closed commands can originate using access control systems or manual control consoles. The Pass Gate locks in the closed position offering additional security. On acceptance of an authorised command, the Pass Gate opens to the programmed position, then returns to the closed position and locks. When moving, it is a low-energy device which meets all safety standards.

The NEAT Pass Gate is a low cost simple effective solution with a small footprint.


  • 35 – 40 people per minute
  • 9 million entries lifespan
  • Multi directional

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