Automatic Bi-Fold Doors

Automatic Bi Fold Doors

When limited space prevents the use of a sliding door or swing door for business. Electro Automation has a solution which is an Automatic Bi-Folding Door. A bi-folding door is an excellent space saving choice which offers exceptional reliability.  With width of a passage can almost be fully retained.  Automatic folding doors can be retrofitted relatively easily, and they are designed to work particularly well in corridoors.

With door leaves that fold inwards these space saving doors negate the need for added room around the entrance meaning they are suitable for areas with limited space. Due to the rapid opening and closing of the folding doors, they are suitable for areas that suffer from wind ingress when conventional sliding and swing dors are in operation.

Activation Methods include:


  • Approach Sensor – the door opens when a user approaches it.
  • Push Button – the door opens when a user presses a button. These can make entrance more accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Access Control – the door opens when the system determines the user is authorised to enter


  • Programmable for one way traffic
  • Manual control option
  • Perfect for areas with limited space
  • Fast opening and closing

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