Location of project

Barnwell Point Apartments

Client Overview: Fajon Construction, a reputable firm based in Dublin, approached Electro Automation for a comprehensive gate automation solution for their Barnwell Point site which consists of a brand new apartment complex.

Project Scope:

Objective: Supply and install automation and safety systems for vehicular and pedestrian gates.

Location: Barnwell Point, Hansfield, Co. Dublin.

Electro Automation was contracted to supply and install advanced gate automation and safety systems for both vehicular and pedestrian gates at the entrance and exit of the brand new apartment complex.

For each vehicular gate, the installation included a Smarty 4HS operator, 36v control panel, safety edges, aluminium profiles, photocells, loop detectors, external mag-locks, LED lights, warning signs, Rittal enclosures, receivers, antennas, and remote-control fobs.

This comprehensive system enhances security, ensures smooth and reliable operation, and provides remote control convenience. The safety edges and photocells significantly reduce the risk of accidents, making the gates safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.  Safety edges offer significant benefits in gate automation systems. They act as crucial protective devices that detect obstacles in the gate’s path, preventing accidents and damage. By halting the gate’s movement upon contact, they safeguard vehicles, pedestrians, and the gate itself, ensuring a safer environment. Additionally, safety edges enhance compliance with safety regulations, reducing liability for property owners. Their integration into gate systems demonstrates a commitment to safety and reliability, fostering user trust and confidence in the automated system.

The pedestrian gate was equipped with a Nitto hinge, external mag-lock, keypad, Roger enclosure, and a push-button exit. These features ensure secure access control and easy exit, enhancing overall site safety.

Safety measures for the vehicular gates included three safety edges per gate, positioned on the leading edge and two horizontal edges, along with a safety loop. This configuration ensures maximum protection against accidental collisions and entrapments.

By coordinating with on-site contractors for civils and cabling work, Electro Automation ensured seamless integration of the new systems with existing site infrastructure. The installation was designed to be efficient, requiring only 8.5 man-days, and utilised single swing gates with minimum 150mm posts to accommodate the automation equipment. Activation through remote-control fobs and existing access control systems provided added convenience and security.

Overall, the project not only improved the site’s security and operational efficiency but also enhanced the safety and user experience for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Electro Automation successfully provided a tailored gate automation solution, ensuring enhanced security and operational efficiency for Fajon Construction’s Barnwell Point site. The project was completed on time, within budget, and met all client specifications.

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