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The Letterkenny campus encompasses more than 18,000 square meters of purpose-built educational and support facilities, featuring specialised teaching and research amenities. Additionally, it hosts a modern library, dining spaces, meeting rooms, and state-of-the-art sports facilities. The campus benefits from excellent connectivity through various transportation options, making it easily reachable for both domestic and international students and visitors. It boasts an extensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning engineering and technology, science, and health, as well as business.

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is dedicated to creating a safe and secure environment for its students, staff, and visitors. To reinforce campus security and ensure parking availability for office space renters, Electro Automation had previously installed a series of car park barriers in the campus parking area. These barriers provided enhanced security and reserved parking spots. This case study delves into how Electro Automation successfully met ATU’s requirements, thereby significantly improving campus security and access management.


ATU faced the challenge of enhancing campus security and access control while accommodating diverse user groups, including teachers, staff, students, and contractors, each necessitating varying levels of access. The existing access control system was insufficient to meet these requirements.


Following a competitive tender process, Electro Automation emerged as the preferred solution provider for ATU. The primary requirement was the seamless integration of a student card system into the access control infrastructure to cater to the distinct needs of different user cohorts.

Electro Automation’s solution proved transformative for ATU. The new access control system was lauded by the IT department as “highly intuitive and user-friendly.” This solution allowed the university to regain precise control over access permissions, granting or restricting access to specific areas of the campus as needed.

The implementation included a suite of Electro Automation products, ranging from car park barriers to hard-wired access control systems and wireless door locks. This comprehensive solution covered various areas of campus security and access control.


The deployment of Electro Automation’s access control system delivered several notable benefits to ATU:

    • Enhanced Security:  The access control system substantially bolstered campus security by ensuring only authorised individuals could enter specific areas, providing a heightened level of protection.

    • Flexible Access Management: The system’s adaptability enabled ATU to efficiently manage access for different user groups, simplifying the oversight of teachers, staff, students, and contractors.

    • Traceability and Accountability: The access control system introduced traceability and accountability, eliminating concerns about unlocked doors or unauthorized access.

    • Seamless User Experience: Users, including staff, could conveniently access different areas of the campus using their access cards, enhancing convenience while maintaining security.

    • Wireless Connectivity: The integration of wireless locking doors linked to a communication hub ensured a dependable and interconnected access control system.


Electro Automation’s collaboration with Atlantic Technological University has led to a remarkable transformation in campus security and access control. The implementation of a comprehensive access control system not only provided a robust security solution but also empowered ATU to efficiently manage access permissions for diverse user groups. This case study underscores the significance of a tailored, integrated access control solution in safeguarding educational institutions and their communities while ensuring a seamless user experience. ATU can now focus on its core mission of delivering quality education, secure in the knowledge that its campus is well-protected and accessible to those with authorised access.

I would definitely recommend Electro Automation to any organisation seeking a reliable, professional, and highly skilled partner for their access control and security needs. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver results make them an exceptional choice. We are extremely grateful for their exceptional service.S. Byron. Computer Services ATU

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