Background: Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, has embarked on a project to enhance the security infrastructure at their facilities in Galway and Athlone. The company aims to upgrade the existing access control system in Galway while implementing a new access control/CCTV system in Athlone. This initiative is driven by Medtronic’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of their premises, personnel, and sensitive data.

Project Overview: The project entails the installation of an integrated security system encompassing access control, CCTV, door monitoring, intercoms, gate automation, and perimeter fencing. The solution will be deployed across multiple buildings within the Galway campus and extended to the additional site in Athlone. Key components of the system include the Vanderbilt SiPass Integrated access control system and Avigilon CCTV system, tailored to Medtronic’s specific requirements.

All of the project management, design, commissioning, and training will be provided by our in-house team to ensure the end-to-end solution meets the client’s requirements as laid out in the tender document. Our local presence in the area will allow the client peace of mind that our engineers are available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. This ensures business continuity, supported by our large project execution model developed over many years of installing similar projects.

Project Includes: Projected Security Cost: €1.5 Million

  • 100+ CCTV cameras
  • 150+ Access Points
  • Security Control Room
  • Automatic Gates, barriers
  • 5-Year Maintenance Contract with 24/7 callout


  1. Upgrade the existing access control system in Galway and implement a new access control/CCTV system in Athlone.
  2. Provide an integrated security solution for enhanced visibility and traceability of events, access control transactions, and perimeter intrusions across Medtronic’s plants.
  3. Ensure system reliability and continuity by deploying standalone systems in each building, capable of operating independently in the event of network issues.
  4. Enable efficient monitoring and response capabilities for Medtronic’s in-house security personnel, with event-driven alerts and escalation procedures for timely incident resolution.
  5. Partner with National Monitoring Network to provide comprehensive security monitoring and response services, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance and peace of mind for Medtronic.


  • Successful implementation of an integrated security system across Medtronic’s facilities in Galway and Athlone, comprising access control, CCTV surveillance, door monitoring, and intercoms.
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability of security events, access control transactions, and perimeter intrusions, enabling proactive risk management and incident response.
  • Improved system resilience with standalone configurations in each building, ensuring continuous operation even during network disruptions.
  • Seamless integration of Mifare-based access control cards, facilitating compatibility with existing and new systems, along with enrolment onto the time and attendance system.
  • Efficient monitoring and response capabilities for Medtronic’s security personnel, supported by event-driven alerts and escalation procedures.
  • Comprehensive security monitoring and response services provided by National Monitoring Network, delivering round-the-clock surveillance and peace of mind for Medtronic’s premises and personnel.

The project involved setting up the IT infrastructure to support CCTV, intruder, and access control systems. This included installing high-end fiber management, network cabling, VPN management, and power distribution systems. We provided client training and troubleshooting documentation as part of the package. Our team integrated multiple solutions to streamline the security team’s interface, merging CCTV, access control, and intruder detection systems seamlessly. We also integrated third-party systems like the Campus POS System into the network infrastructure smoothly. Sophisticated analytical camera/access systems were deployed to detect intruders and trigger event-driven video pop-ups. We installed interlocking door systems and event-driven alarms for enhanced security measures.

For detailed investigations, we set up a high-end 5 and 8-megapixel multi-sensor/multi-view camera system. Multi-site management and data partitioning for specific access rights were implemented to ensure efficient operations across Medtronic’s facilities. Our project management team oversaw the entire process, from pre-sale planning to post-sale execution. We collaborated closely with the design team and conducted off-site commissioning before installation. To minimise disruption, we followed a ‘business as usual’ approach, offering flexibility for out-of-hours work. Before deployment, our solution underwent rigorous in-house testing, verification, and commissioning, ensuring everything was in order at every stage, including pre-installation, mid-installation, and post-installation.

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