Iveagh Court, Dublin

Iveagh Court


Iveagh Court, located in Dublin, is a multi-use facility, which began construction in 1994 and was completed in 2002. As one of the architectural landmarks in the city, the complex comprises office spaces and six floors of residential apartments. As technology evolves, so does the need for a modern access control system. The existing on-premise access control system had become outdated, prompting the decision to approach Electro for the installation of a cloud-based access control system – Avigilon Alta. This case study highlights the successful transition to Avigilon Alta, emphasizing the installation process, the advantages it brings, and the benefits realized by Iveagh Court.


Iveagh Court faced the challenge of upgrading its access control system from an obsolete on-premise solution. This challenge included ensuring the secure management of access for a complex housing both office spaces and residential apartments, while embracing the modern technology trends in access control.


Electro Automation was entrusted with the responsibility of upgrading the access control system at Iveagh Court by implementing the Avigilon Alta solution. The installation process was marked by its seamless execution, which even included the disengagement of the old system.

Furthermore, Electro Automation ensured a smooth transition for Iveagh Court by providing comprehensive training to the personnel involved. The initial training phase was followed by a practical, hands-on learning approach, which allowed the staff to become proficient in operating the new system.

An outstanding advantage of the Avigilon Alta system was the ability to utilize a person’s smartphone for access in case of lost fobs or keycards. This added layer of convenience ensured that residents and employees could maintain secure access even in the event of access credential loss.


The deployment of Avigilon Alta at Iveagh Court provided several significant advantages:

Modernised Access Control: The Avigilon Alta system replaced an outdated on-premise system with a cloud-based solution, ensuring modern and robust access control for both office spaces and residential apartments.

Seamless Installation: The installation process was smooth, and the disengagement of the old system was managed efficiently, minimising disruptions.

Comprehensive Training: Staff and residents received thorough training, enabling them to quickly adapt to the new system and operate it effectively.

Smartphone Integration: The Avigilon Alta system’s smartphone integration proved invaluable, allowing users to regain access swiftly in case of fob or keycard loss.


The implementation of Avigilon Alta by Electro Automation at Iveagh Court exemplifies the seamless transition from an outdated access control system to a modern, cloud-based solution. This case study underscores the significance of embracing contemporary technology trends in access control to ensure secure and convenient access for a diverse community of residents and office occupants. With the Avigilon Alta system in place, Iveagh Court now boasts a state-of-the-art access control system that enhances security and usability, aligning it with the evolving needs of today’s connected world.

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