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ASL Building in Swords, the main offices for ASL Group and ASL Airlines Ireland, plays a crucial role in managing operations and controlling flights. The need for a modern access control system became apparent as the existing on-premise system posed security risks due to its outdated infrastructure. To address this challenge, the decision was made to transition to a cloud-based access control system – Avigilon Alta. This case study delves into the successful implementation of Avigilon Alta, highlighting the installation process, key advantages, and the positive impact on ASL Building’s security and operational efficiency.


The aging on-premise access control system at ASL Building was a vulnerability that needed urgent attention. The physical nature of the system made it susceptible to threats, prompting the IT team to seek a more secure and modern solution. The challenge was not just to upgrade the system but also to introduce features such as managing visitor passes while ensuring a smooth transition from on-premise to cloud-based infrastructure.


Avigilon Alta, chosen as the solution for ASL Building, proved to be the key to overcoming the challenges. The transition from the old system to Avigilon Alta was described as “absolutely painless.” The cloud-based architecture eliminated the need for hosting a physical server and simplified IT management. The system’s capability to manage visitor passes was seamlessly integrated, meeting the specific requirements of ASL Building.

Key Objectives Achieved:

Maintaining Capabilities: Avigilon Alta not only maintained the existing capabilities of the access control system but also added the functionality to manage visitor passes.

Cloud-Based Transition: The move to a cloud-based system was strategically essential, eliminating vulnerabilities associated with outdated physical infrastructure.

Efficiency and Reporting: Avigilon Alta’s reporting capabilities empowered ASL to keep operational efficiency at its peak by providing insights and data-driven decision-making tools.

24/7 Security: The access control system brought security and traceability to ASL Building, particularly important for a facility manned 24/7, with restricted access to certain rooms.

Results and Benefits:

Continuous Operation: Avigilon Alta operates seamlessly day in, day out, providing reliable security for ASL Building.

Focus on Mission-Critical Aspects: The cloud-based solution freed up the IT department to concentrate on critical tasks, ensuring the planes stay in the sky.

Visitor Pass Management: The addition of visitor pass management enhanced the overall security posture, catering to the dynamic needs of a bustling facility.


The successful adoption of Avigilon Alta at ASL Building exemplifies a strategic move toward modern, cloud-based access control. This case study highlights the positive impact on security, operational efficiency, and the ability to adapt to evolving requirements. With Avigilon Alta in place, ASL Building stands as a secure, efficient, and technologically advanced hub, contributing to the overall success of ASL Group and ASL Airlines Ireland.

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