Automatic Swing Door

Automatic Swing Door

Automatic swing doors provide a welcoming efficient entrance to any business and our Electro Swing FA is a fully automatic operator.

Used for high-frequency entrances such as shopping malls, hotels, leisure centres and airports, Electro Swing FA has been engineered to open doors for people with disabilities, the elderly and children.

Our unique one-way clutch mechanism allows the door to be opened manually with incredible ease, whilst at the same time prolonging service life, offering years of reliable, trouble free, swing door operation guaranteeing you piece of mind.

Being non-handed, Electro Swing FA can accommodate left, right, push and pull swing applications in one compact and powerful unit. Equipped with an adjustable heavy-duty spring, Electro Swing FA can accommodate heavier doors up to 150kg.

Automatic swing doors can be installed to meet various needs ranging from DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements to simply improving customer convenience. The doors are triggered by:


  • Approach Sensor – the door opens when a user approaches it.
  • Push Button – the door opens when a user presses a button. These can make entrance more accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Access Control – the door opens when the system determines the user is authorised to enter.



  • The maximum size and speed of operation can be changed to suit requirements.
  • This fully automatic door operator is ideal for locations where hygiene is important, and where space is scarce
  • A number of variants of this automatic swing door including Full Power, Low Energy, Inverse and Fire to suit any requirement.

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