Car Park Management

Car Park Management

Electro Automation is by far the leading company providing and maintaining Irelands best parking systems. From small one-in-one-out car parks to full Enterprise level interconnected or remotely controlled sites, Electro Automation is commonly regarded as Irelands leading parking company by far. Celebrated for introducing the latest car park management technologies such as TRUE Cloud Solutions to Ticketless Innovations, all powered by our game-changing Web and Mobile-based JMS Platform we are ideally positioned to be your preferred equipment provider. This remarkable offering is fortified by our top-tier Jupiter hardware and components, meticulously crafted from premium materials such as Stainless Steel cabinets, ensuring longevity and safeguarding your investment.

The Electro Advantage: Why Choose Us for Your Car Park Evolution?

Expertise: With more branches, more installed sites, more engineers and more experience than any other local company Electro Automation brings decades of hands-on experience, expert engineers, and industry know-how to seamlessly implement your system with minimal disruption.

References: Our unmatched list of references spans every sector, including Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Local Authorities, and more.

24/7 Support: Rest easy knowing our dedicated support structure, available 24/7, 365 days a year, will swiftly address any concerns and maintain your system’s peak performance.

Stock Resilience: We keep ample stock on hand, ensuring quick replacements without disrupting your service.

Jupiter Hardware: Engineered for durability, our stainless steel Jupiter hardware outlasts the competition.

Intuitive Software: Our JMS software platform offers a user-friendly interface, streamlining operations, optimising resources, and delivering real-time insights for informed decisions.

True Cloud Solution: Experience the future with our TRUE Cloud Solution, enabling secure remote management from any web-enabled device.

Ticketless Convenience: Transition effortlessly from ticketed to ticketless solutions, from barriered systems to un-barriered systems, future-proofing your system without major upgrades.

Powerful Reports: Make informed decisions with comprehensive reporting, available in real-time or scheduled emails.

Electro Automation also offers a reliable range of electronic access control systems tailored to car park applications using credit or proximity cards, pin codes, proximity readers, biometric readers, radio frequency and number plate recognition.

LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) Integration: Benefit from seamless License Plate Recognition integration for heightened security and efficiency. Pre-booked customers can arrive and leave in a frictionless operation.

Digital Ticketing: Enables customers to use their phone for the whole transaction whether they are short term parkers, contract/staff parkers or pre-booking customers

Mobile Control App: Our JMS mobile control app enables operators to fully control the Jupiter parking system from any web enabled device for anywhere in the world mobilising staff and importantly not compromising on customer service.

Validation Options: Choose from a range of validation methods, from web-enabled devices that provide significant savings, to wall mounted online validation units to physical units, tailored to your needs. Local shops, businesses and hotels can be seamlessly integrated.

EV Charging: Generate additional revenue with our leading EV chargers and billing software.

Comprehensive Support: In addition to car park solutions, Electro offers unmatched support for gates, CCTV, access control, and more.

Unparalleled Service: We stand apart with a 24/7, 365-day support promise, fully-trained engineers, and rapid on-site response.

Quality Assurance: Electro Automation’s premium Jupiter car parking systems are backed by our innovative JMS platform, designed to exceed expectations.

Revolutionary JMS Platform: The first tile-based, web-based, and mobile-based back-office platform in the industry, offering unmatched flexibility and accessibility.

TRUE Cloud Convenience: Experience the world of cloud computing with JMS’s TRUE Cloud Solution, hosted by AWS for top-notch performance and accessibility. 


  • Timely Assistance
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Advanced Planning & Reporting
  • New Streams Of Revenue
  • Web & mobile based system control
  • Zero learning curve

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