The Electro CountWise solution provides accurate people counting and queue information in the areas of customer footfall traffic, with clear actionable reporting.

What sets us apart from the competition is the research conducted to make this product. Unlike others on the market, the Countwise footfall measurement product allows you to control the data. From installation all data gathered is yours, you have complete control and can export accordingly. Electro has worked closely on the development of this product to enhance its usability and create a user-friendly dashboard filled with the info you need to increase the performance of the area you are monitoring.

Using both real-time and historic reporting; allows our clients to measure any impact of their actions against predefined objectives (KPIs).

By integrating these and additional data sets available from within the business our clients have successfully increased both performance and customer satisfaction levels across their portfolios.

Key impact areas include:

  • Sales Conversion Ratios
  • Customer Flow
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Store Performance Reviews
  • Rent Reviews
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Non-Invasive Queue Management & Penalty Driven Performance.

Countwise offer various solutions for a number of different industries, each one tailored to capture the important info you want to know, select the industry most relevant to you for more information

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