Electro Enterprise Access Control

Electro Enterprise Access Control

Electro’s Enterprise Solutions combine the best of access control solutions and management into a single tailor made solution. Using our 40 years of extensive experience and knowledge, we can create a system that is exactly suited to your requirements.

Offering a powerful suite of client and web-based applications, Enterprise forms the centre of all your security and operational needs; with applications from various aspects of access control disciplines.


Our solutions are designed to tackle access control challenges of any scale. Whether you need to secure a single access point or manage large, multi-access point projects across multiple locations, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends to seamless integration with third-party devices and software systems from various specialised domains. From building management systems, elevator controls and fire detection to intrusion detection, Video Surveillance, IP surveillance, video management systems, industrial controls, and more, our Enterprise solution provides comprehensive access control solutions for the most demanding security requirements.

  • Open Architecture
    Leverages open field hardware investments
  • Scalability
    Scalable from one access door to thousands of doors per Enterprise appliance 
  • Auto Failover
    Auto Failover capabilites enables seamless redundancy to keep critical security data safe
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Readers
  • Wireless Locking Technology
  • Advanced Command And Controls Actions
  • Advanced Integration Options
  • Shake to go & Hands Free Mode

Access Control FAQs

  • What does enterprise access control entail?

Enterprise access control refers to a security infrastructure tailored for larger organisations, aimed at managing and overseeing access to specific areas within a facility. It serves as a crucial element in an organisation’s overall physical and information security strategies.

  • How can enterprise security systems be defined?

Enterprise security systems encompass the diverse methodologies and technologies adopted by an organisation to safeguard both its physical and digital assets. This comprehensive approach involves the implementation of access control systems, key cards, video surveillance, cybersecurity measures, and the establishment of policies governing the overall protection of enterprise resources.

  • What role does an enterprise access control system play?

The primary objective of an enterprise access control system is to ensure that entry to physical and digital environments is granted solely to authorised individuals, be they employees or guests. By doing so, it acts as a safeguard for sensitive areas, data, and assets, preventing unauthorised access, theft, or damage. This, in turn, upholds operational security and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

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