GlassGo Full Height Turnstiles

GlassGo Full Height Turnstiles

When appearance is important along with security, GlassGo, our

Glass Full Height Turnstile is the ideal solution.

In areas where unmanned security is important, yet appearance is key, the Electro GlassGo is the ideal compromise. This full-height turnstile offers high security and anti-tailgating in a glass and stainless steel structure that will complement any location. Ideal for upmarket offices, hotel staff areas and secured data/stock areas within businesses or offices.

Unlike conventional doors that allow tailgating, the GlassGo ensures “one person at a time” methodology and full height security. All of this is completed within the elegant glass and stainless steel structure so you know who was in the area, when, and for how long. The GlassGo offers similar security to conventional full height rotor type turnstiles, yet the strong 10.4mm laminated glass paddles replace the metal rotors to allow an elegant and attractive solution. In appearance, it mimics a revolving door but is an impassable full-height security barrier.

The servo-driven operation ensures reliability and the GlassGo can be combined with any access control system if required we can add a DDA-compliant automated pass door.

Suitable for use within any upscale environment, the GlassGo ensures exceptional security and can be combined with any access control system. The GlassGo benefits from the same operating methodology as our other Electro turnstiles so can offer years of trouble-free operation. In free access mode, it will allow 20 pedestrians per minute to pass through. Offered in glass with brushed stainless steel as standard, the GlassGo is available in polished stainless steel to add sparkle to any reception area.

We specialise in entrance solutions, with a full package of automatic gates, doors, barriers, access control systems and turnstiles. Electro is a one-stop solution that ensures proper integration with all systems working together seamlessly.

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