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Electro provide and install a wide range of audio and video intercom systems that facilitate easy identification and screening of visitors to both your home and business.

Intercom systems are a great asset to your property providing a simpler and convenient solution to access while more importantly providing safety of residents, staff, customers and visitors. 

We provide reliable door entry and control systems for a wide range of uses which include residential apartment intercom door entry to both front or back gate entries on homes with long drives or where the owners feel that extra security is required.

Intercom Models & Options

Electro provides a wide range of user and entrance unit models which are available from our leading partners to suit any technical requirement. Due to our vast experience in this industry, our Engineers can offer you a range of options plus also recommend the latest in technology innovations.  As we deal exclusively with numerous manufacturers, we can offer bespoke one-off systems and the latest technology in this area. Configuration and Integration options include:


  • Audio and/or Video verification
  • Digital and/or Analog support
  • GSM & Landline interfacing
  • Surface or flush-mount units
  • Multiple function buttons
  • Capacity from one to thousands
  • Weather and vandal resistant
  • Multiple cabling configurations

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