Journey Time Analysis

Journey Time Analysis

Journey Time Analysis (JTA) and Average Speed (AS) are key applications of traffic monitoring and management of which Electro Automation is a leading solution provider.

Our solutions provide real time travel and speed information on vehicles travelling along open roads and motorways and through urban and city center areas. All ANPR Camera suppliers we use are HOTA approved.

In an average speed over distance application, the Electro Automation solution calculates the speed of the vehicle using the standard journey time formula. This speed is derived from knowing the journey time over a known distance. The actual speed can be measured against a user’s definable speed limit set within the system; if a violation occurs the system can generate an alarm, store the information and display a warning to the driver that they have exceeded a defined speed limit.

Key Features needed for an effective Journey Time Analysis (JTA) System

  • Modular Design
  • Single or Multi-Lane Solutions
  • User-Friendly Display
  • Accurate Calculations (within 2% per 2Km)
  • Vehicle Recognition Databases
  • Statistical Reports
  • Reliable Performance (accurate image capture)
  • Interfacing with Other ITS
  • Number Plate Imaging Options

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