Future-Proof Mobile Access Control

Avigilon is designed with an open API architecture and backwards compatibility for superior interoperability. Seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed technology partners, including solutions for tailgating, video management and surveillance, lockdown, active directory platforms, visitor management, building automation and more.

Access control systems are only as secure as their fundamentals. Avigilon is a complete security ecosystem, with solutions to some of the most common complaints in the industry. 

There is a lifetime warranty on all parts of this access control system. The system also significantly reduces your carbon footprint because the access control is cloud based, so less need for engineers to drive to the building to look at an issue. No heavy servers using power in the building either so it will bring down your electricity bills.  Look at this link below to see the access system working.

Openpath is a cloud-based access control system which can used via access cards or solely using mobile phones. As a cloud-based system it doesn’t require a server onsite as the Smart Hubs & readers are connected to the cloud. The mobile technology works in three ways: 

  • Cellular 
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

All three connect to the readers & you simply wave your hand to open the door. It’s a truly unique access control system which offers endless value to our customers.

Benefits of Avigilon

  • Lifetime guarantee on the hardware – Cloud based so there are Opex annual costs. 
  • Low-cost capex cost upfront. 
  • Firmware / software updates are done via the cloud reducing carbon footprint from engineers attending site. 
  • Reports – it’s endless the type of reporting which can be achieved and can certainly achieve what you’re asking for the last day. 
  • Reduction in plastic cards as it can work solely with your mobile phone. Fantastic for the environment! As well as saving you money from ordering cards regularly!!
  • Guest passes sent in seconds, and they can use their mobile phone for the duration of their time in the office. 
  • Can be integrated with Motorola CCTV systems on the one platform like Avigilon & AVA. Offering a complete unique valued solution.
  • Registering new employees directly from Gsuite or other platforms. Integration is easy as it has an open API. 
  • Hands free by just waving.

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