Over Height Vehicle Detection

Over Height Vehicle Detection

Detecting vehicles that don’t meet specific height requirements can be extremely important in the prevention of accidents, traffic jams and infrastructure damage.

The over height detection alerts the driver of the oversized vehicle and can also alert law enforcement, traffic monitoring stations or IT control points via landline or wireless technology.

From Bridges, Overpasses and Tunnels to Airports, Corridor Management and Parking Structures an accurate over-height detection system is an essential part of an Intelligent Transport network. 

Our proven system has successful applications across the USA and Western Europe and detects over height vehicles and warns drivers of an impending problem by alerting and directing the driver via warning signs and warning bells/sirens to take corrective action and finally provides secondary warning beyond existing signage in the interest of public safety.


  • Enhances Safety
  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Reduces bridge/tunnel strikes
  • Protecting infrastructure

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