VMS (Variable Message Signs)

VMS (Variable Message Signs)

Electro Automation offers a range of multi-digit variable message signs for use in road network, car parking and other applications.

 Our systems allows the operator to override counts in order to reserve spaces and capacity as required.

Our variable message sign is a large multi-digit LED display housed in an outdoor enclosure that clearly shows the availability of car parking spaces. Character heights can be specified to allow visibility from different distances, and the numbers of characters can be increased to allow display of free text messages such as OPEN/ClOSED. In conjunction with capacity counters several VMS Signs can be used together to display the same information at different locations, or can be used to display counts for defined locations within an overall parking area.

Features - VMS

  • Large Multi-digit LED display
  • OPEN or FULL messages
  • Available spaces or free text display with RED/GREEN options
  • Full/count value display options for count values of less than 1
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Low voltage operation
  • Tilt/pan mounting bracketry
  • Manual Control
  • Parallel connection possible
  • Fully compatible with counter management software

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