On Premise Video Surveillance

On Premise Video Surveillance

Discover a revolutionary approach to engaging with locally hosted video footage through our exceptionally high quality Video surveillance solutions. Optimise your workflow and enhance productivity with the seamless integration of automated alerts and real-time video previews. Elevate your decision-making process with advanced video analytics, empowering you with heightened situational awareness and the knowledge to make well-informed choices. Embrace a new era of video interaction that redefines efficiency and effectiveness.

  • See where a response is needed

    High Definition Video automatically detects and flags events that may require your attention, highlighting critical events on the interface.

  • Search and locate people or objects

    Find a person’s location or vehicle of interest across an entire site or multiple sites using the advanced Search function.

  • Integrated Access Control

    Verify the identity of the person entering your premises with seamless integration with an advanced Access control.


  • Advanced Search Function
  • Facial Recognition
  • Focus Of Attention
  • License Plate Recognition

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